Policy Devuciones-VisioramaSport - VisioramaSport


The customer will have 10 days (legal provisions) from the date of receipt of the order to make the return. In case you specify it in the web www.visioramasport.es the repayment term may be extended in compliance with the minimum period required by law.

You can only return the product intact (with all its accessories) that can be used for its subsequent sale and never an order that has already been used.

Any return must be accepted by visioramasport.is that will give you a return code that will be noted visibly on the outside of the package you send to us (any shipment without a return code will not be recorded in this company, returning to its origin).

Be careful when removing and placing the replacement lenses .The policy guarantees of Visioramasport.it does not cover lenses scratched and/or used and may not be returned.

All custom product its parts or lenses shall not admit changes or refunds and shall be processed upon payment.

Shipping costs incurred in returning the product are borne by the buyer as are the costs of counter - reimbursement as a method of payment chosen by the purchaser. The company deducted 7,00 € per item returned in concept of manipulation, management, administration and self-assessment.

When there is the return of a product of more than 100 €, not made the purchase, the shipping costs of 5,90 € will be borne by the customer and will be deducted from the amount to be paid.

Be paid the amount of the settlement in a maximum of 48/72 hours from the receipt of the same, after verification of the product and verify that it is suitable for its subsequent sale. Credit will be issued in the same form of payment that you chose when you made the purchase. Purchases made by the method of counter-reemboso, income in cash or by bank transfer must indicate an account number of the unit to perform the settlement of your purchase.

If a different product requested by the client was delivered by mistake by visioramasport.is , this will be removed and you will be given the correct product at no additional charge to the buyer.

All shipping address provided by the customer, incorrect or incomplete which will produce a return and cause some expenses, such expenses shall be borne by the customer, by being the company of others to return.

Returned orders will be sent to: Optical Visiorama (code return), C/ Torrelaguna no. 9 28807 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)

STORE PICKUP : In the event of a change of one product for another you will be charged 7€ per article in the concept of manipulation, management, administration and self-assessment. Otherwise, if returns the entire order without getting any product will be deducted 3,50€ pickup in store 7,00€ per returned item.